Initial consultation:

During your intitial osteopathic consultation Adam might suggest the additional or sole use of acupuncture as it can speed up your recovery dramatically and treat underlying factors like stress and tension.


During the acucpuncture, he inserts very thin, sterile needles into specific points. These can be in the area of your problem or at a distant point that has a balancing effect on the affected area.

Certain points have a specific stress-releasing or calming effect, as stress can be an important factor in issues like muscle tension or depression.

Usually you’ll hardly feel the “prick” of the needle, occasionally it can hurt briefly, but most importantly you might feel a deeper sensation like a dull ache, a throbbing, pulling or radiating sensation or a feeling of warmth in the area of the needle.¬†



Once all the needles are in place, you can be covered up with a cosy blanket to prevent you from getting cold while you lie still and relax for about 20 min.




Eventually the needles are taken out again and disposed in a sharps container.

Sometimes there is some bleeding or bruising in case a small blood vessel was hit, but this can be regarded as positive, as drawing blood is even done on purpose in chinese medical acupuncture to get a stronger detoxing and tension relieving effect.

Please let Adam know if you are on blood thinning medication, as you might be more susceptible to abnormal bleeding.